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Biodynamic psychotherapy

Biodynamic psychotherapy, which affects physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life, stems from the humanistic approach and works with the healing life force to work with the mind, body and spirit as one. Sessions are co-creations between client and therapist. They are process-oriented, client-led and unfold uniquely to meet individuals and their needs in varied ways: rooted talking, embodied exercises, breath release techniques, attuned touch, guided visualisation and imagery to name a few. 

Biodynamic psychotherapy might help ease physical symptoms such as aches and pains, undiagnosable symptoms, numbness and chronic pain, by approaching the symptom gently, giving it space to breathe and voice itself.


With psychological dis-ease such as stress, depression, anxiety or overwhelm, therapist and client gently work together to explore its physical manifestation to help find ease. This form of therapy can also help a person navigate their way through a crisis, a junction in life, a yearning for an embodied way of life, or a deeper journey of self-exploration. 

For information and details about biodynamic body psychotherapy, please click here.

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