Yoga for Women’s Health

with Claire Sparks 

Mondays 7.45pm - 8.45pm 

This friendly and welcoming, small group class applies traditional yoga practices in a therapeutic way with a specific focus on women's bodies and women’s health. This class offers dedicated time in your week where you can switch off from the busyness of your day to day and be guided through yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and relaxation, all with the back drop of the beautiful Surrey Hills as your practice space.


You'll experience a nourishing and energising yoga class in a supportive and nurturing environment. 


This class is open to women of all ages and stages of life. All levels of yoga experience welcome.

5 Class Pass (valid for 6 weeks) - £60
10 Class Pass (valid for 12 weeks) £110

Contact Claire to book:

Kundalini Yoga Class with

Claire Cipollone

Wednesday 7:45pm - 8:45pm

Contact Claire to book: 07841 018 273 or

Kundalini Yoga, elevates, expands and energises the body, uniting the Mind, Body &


Feel the energy shift! Strengthen the physical body, the nervous system, the respiratory

system, the circulatory system and stimulate the digestive system, whilst balancing the

chakras, quieting the mind and finding yourself ‘tuned-in’ to your true-self.

Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness, is an ancient & magical science that uses

sound, mantra, energy healing, postures and meditations to release trauma and blocks

from the physical and subtle bodies.

A Class Includes:

● A Warm Up - to warm-up the major muscle groups.

● Pranayama - Breath Control, to increase lung capacity and sharpen the mind.

● The Kriya - a set of postures that assist a specific result. Each Kriya is individual

and complete. Suitable for all levels.

● Meditation - to unify the mind and spirit, to develop the ‘Third Eye’, or to simply

quieten the mind.

● Deep Relaxation - the last few minutes will be devoted to a period of Deep

Relaxation allowing the body to absorb the effects of the Kriya and heal.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Suitable for ALL levels.

£12 drop-in, or

£20 for two classes, or £40 for four classes to be attended in one half-term period.

Enjoy an hour of something quite special and find yourself truly balanced.

Alexander Technique private sessions or workshops with Ellie Rouse

Contact Ellie to book: 07968 964 523 or

Lunch 'n Learn: healthy hormones and sublime skin

Date to be confirmed

10.30am - 2pm

with Florence McVeigh and Nicola Coates

With their complimentary skills and knowledge, Flo and Nic invite you to a cocooning well-being workshop in the cosy, natural setting of Tree Space. Through gentle movement, discussion, learning, tasting and self-massage, you will learn how to balance and boost hormone production, and enhance skin beauty and vitality at every stage of life. Flo is a naturopath, naturopathic chef, massage and beauty therapist. Nic is a biodynamic massage therapist, yoga teacher and biodynamic psychotherapy student.

For women at all stages of life.

The programme:
Grounding welcome with Nic.
Discussion and learning about hormonal health.
Smoothies for happy hormones and sublime skin.
Self-massage techniques for relaxation and regeneration and facial gymnastics.
Food and super food to balance hormones and enhance skin beauty.
Healthy lunch and Q&A.
Digestion and Integration.

Date to be confirmed. 10.30am to 2.00pm.

Wear comfortable clothes.

For more comfort and to give personalised attention, the workshop is limited to 10 people.

For any questions and for food allergies / intolerances, please contact Flo:

Investment: £45.00 per person – £40 per person when booking two people coming together.

To book your space contact Nic: or 07597 553 350