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Warm to your You ~ from the feet up
A Spring Equinox Retreat

spring retreat 2024.jpg

I invite you to share with me

a day retreat 

in Tree Space, Surrey, 

on Sunday 24th March, 10.30am - 5pm, 

to mark the Earth's next seasonal shift from winter to spring. 


As those of you who have experienced a seasonal retreat in Tree Space know, these retreats offer time and space to gather with others, with the shared intention of simply being with what is for each unique person present. 


Spring in Nature is a time of energy rising, emergence, freshness, colour, excitement in the air, birds singing, joy, hope and the promise of new.


During the day, 

*invite childlike inquisitiveness and curiosity, 

*explore breath: the in-breath, inspiration, 

*practise lymphatic system massage, 

*spend time outside, 

*rest deeply,

*feel into and work creatively with what is emerging - a new project, a quality asking to be embodied, change... 

*experience nurture and nourishment 

*feel connection and warmth.


I'm delighted to share too that our 2-course lunch will be lovingly prepared by Midori whose Japanese-inspired cuisine is a taste sensation. AND each participant will receive a reflexology session during the day with Kate. I feel excited simply  sharing the form of this delicious day with you, and that's without the flavour each participant will contribute to the whole experience. 


Investment: £110 

(£30 confirms your place  and the balance can be paid in 2 installments if that suits you). 

To maintain an intimate feel, there is space for 8 people. 


I hope you can be there. 

Until then, take good care, keep warm and keep dreaming. 



Welcome to Haslemere Holistic Reflexology


Before reflexology, I was a busy, stressed-out TV producer and reached out for a holistic treatment to help me unwind. I discovered reflexology and loved the cloud-nine feeling it gave from head to toe - I wanted to give this amazing treatment back to others.

I have an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology as well as being a member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR). By choosing a member of the (AoR), you have the assurance the practitioner is highly trained to a nationally recognised standard and continually demonstrates that they meet the strictest standards for professional excellence in reflexology.

I specialise in supporting women, particularly those who are going through the menopause, offering relaxing reflexology and bespoke self-care advice.

I  am lucky to be able to work from the little oasis, Tree Space, in Hindhead - peace and tranquillity and reflexology - a perfect mix.


If you haven’t tried reflexology, I offer taster sessions and friend referral discounts.  I am also registered with the NHS here. Please contact me to discuss the best option for you.

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