Tree Space day retreats

3 hour mini retreat: £65 / £85 biodynamic massage option)

6 hour retreat: £100 / £125 biodynamic massage option)

Timings can be flexible to suit your schedule.  Please enquire regarding pricing for 2 people or small group retreats.

During your retreat time in Tree Space, you can do as you desire: move, be still, head out for a walk, have a nap, write, do nothing and take in the glorious view...

A comfy chair, yoga mat and props, a comfy mattress, and plenty of cushions and blankets are provided. There is a kettle and an assortment of teas and coffee. There is a table and chair in the space too.

An hour with me is included, perhaps after taking time to arrive in the space. Together we will explore whether movement, stillness/meditation or relaxation would be of benefit to you. Or this would be the moment for the biodynamic massage option.

Everything is possible and I am open to your proposals. The remainder of the time is yours to integrate the experience and simply be.