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Biodynamic massage treatments

Biodynamic massage affects all aspects of our being - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  ​It was developed in the 1960's by Gerda Boyesen, a clinical psychologist and physiotherapist, interested in the effects of massage on people's mental health.

If you have physical aches and pains, feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, if you have undiagnosable symptoms, if you wish to  experience a more embodied way of life, if you are on a journey of self-exploration and discovery you wish to deepen, I invite you to book an initial session to experience this unique treatment.

What sets this practice apart from other massage styles? First of all, it is so much more than a massage; in fact, treatment is a more precise description of this attuned touch, which meets each client where they are in the moment and in the context of their history. The touch is sensitive to physical and emotional states, it is trauma-sensitive, and can be experienced on skin or on clothes; no oil is used. Beyond the touch the therapist sets an intention for each treatment, and stays grounded in themselves as well as connected to the client throughout the session. The biodynamic approach treats each unique person with all their many layers, rather than as a body or a part thereof. Objective variables such as posture, breathing patterns, muscle tone and signs of the autonomic nervous system are also taken into account. As a qualified biodynamic massage therapist, I am followed by a supervisor.

Another unique aspect of biodynamic massage is the stethoscope placed on the belly to tune into digestive system activity throughout the massage. As the gut digests food, so too it digests accumulated stress, toxins and unprocessed emotions through its complex nervous system which communicates directly with the brain. The body can complete previously unprocessed cycles at its chosen pace.

Nic's approach...